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Yorkshires Master Molecatcher 2024

Yorkshires Master Molecatcher
Full Member of The Guild of British Molecatchers
Recognised by UK Rural Skills

I have been awarded the highest honour issued by 'The Guild Of Master Molecatchers' in conjuction with 'UK Rural Skills' and i am now currently the only registered Master Molecatcher within the Yorkshire Regions

                              What makes a Master Molecatcher?

Dedication and commitment to maintain a working practice that is proven to provide the highest level of welfare for the mole and best possible service to the customer.

             Why should someone employ a Master Molecatcher?

The reasons are justified in that they will receive a service from someone that has acquired a personal knowledge on the mole, which they have adapted to enhance their skills to offer the best value for service and reducing damage. They will have the peace of mind that the consideration for welfare of a creature many seldom want to cause any harm to, has been maintained and openly demonstrated.

I always try and involve my customers and make my visits as interesting as possible,particularly where the client has never seen a Mole in the Flesh. We grow up with children's stories from school and cartoons which may portray the Mole as a comedy character with big glasses,yellow hard hat and a spade, when the reality is,unless you have lived with a mole, you may not be aware of the damage they can actually cause. I see the Mole as a much underrated Mammal here within the UK, largely because of its secretive nature, so its always nice to show the client the cause of their problems

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