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Traditional Molecatcher In The Yorkshire Regions

Most Professional  Mole Catchers You Will Find,Keep The Tradition Of A 'No Mole,No Fee' Arrangement,Whereby They Only Require Payment On Results, And Will Only Charge Upon The Production Of The Mole Or Moles.
I Treat Each Job Individually, And, Where Moles Are Concerned,There Is No Set Formula, So A Site Visit And An Informal Chat Would Be Beneficial
I Always Use Mechanical Traps Which are Highly Efficient And Produce A Good Success  Rate.
I Do Not Use Gas,Water,Pellets,Vibration Devices ,Live Traps,The Majority Of Which Cause Long Prolonged Suffering
Moles, In Most Cases, Will Operate On A Four Hourly Cycle Consisting Of Four Hours Work And Feeding Followed By Four Hours Rest, They Are Not Nocturnal Creatures As Is The Common Belief, They Spend Their Time In Darkness Any Time Of The Day
With This In Mind,I Would Aim To Set Traps And Check For Results Within A Twenty Four Hour Period, And Every Day Thereafter Until Three Clear Days  Of No Activity.This Would Prevent Any Prolonged Suffering To The Mole,Something Which Is Pretty Much Guaranteed Using The Methods Mentioned Above
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